Orange to give away FREE music for adverts

Orange network logoOrange Announces Ad-Funded Content Trial For 800,000 Mobile Users In The UK.

Orange today announced the launch of a new advertisement-supported content trial on its mobile internet platform, Orange World. The move will see 800,000 of Orange’s 15.6 million mobile customers given the option to download a variety of music content, from four different genres (Urban, Pop, Rock, Dance) to their mobile handsets for free, or a discounted rate, making it the largest trial of its kind in the UK.

Ad-funded content offers new ways of reaching audiences and the potential to generate new business models within the industry. Beginning this week, the trial will last three months and will allow brands to have their advertising promoted prominently during the content purchase process as customers download music, offering them a unique opportunity to interact with a captive audience on their mobile phone.

Mobile advertising company ScreenTonic are managing and delivering the ads for the trial, and have already signed up a number of advertisers to the trial including Paramount Pictures and Ford. Orange customers taking part in the trial will be able to download music either for free, for half or full price. Orange will make over 500 music tracks available on the service.

Steve Ricketts, Head of Third Party Services, Orange UK said:

“We believe this ad-funded content model will drive adoption and usage of services, and deliver better value content to our customers. Whilst the trial is initially set for music we are also intending to test this across other content areas, such as games. The mobile is an incredibly personal device and our ad-funded content offer gives advertisers a great opportunity to reach a new audience”.

Theo Theodorou, head of sales at ScreenTonic said:

“The ad funded content trial will provide a route into the mobile experience for brands that have previously had little familiarity of the medium. It is an exciting reason for brands to get involved with mobile, as the media develops increasingly innovative solutions to allow advertisers to reach audiences”

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