Samsung Galaxy S3 from only £21.67 a month

Our most popular Galaxy S3 deal is £26 a month on Orange and it comes with 4 months free by redemption, effectively costing £21.67 a month over the 24m contract. There are several tariffs available at this price offering up to 400 minutes a month or 750MB data.

The Samsung Galaxy S III (Galaxy S3) is the flagship device for Samsung. It was 2012′s most popular Android phone and our top-seller so far in January.

If you have been away from the phone and missed a call or incoming message then the Galaxy S III knows and will give you a nudge by vibrating. Voice activated commands are also present and you can even use these to take a picture on the impressive 8 megapixel camera that can take a burst of 8 images to allow you to choose the perfect shot every time.

Compare Galaxy S III deals (blue)

Compare Galaxy S III deals (white)

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